Rose Chheang joins Harmony's Staff


We recently welcomed Rose Chheang to our Harmony team—and to the U.S. for her first visit here! Rose has become our Acting Country Director for Cambodia. Being a native Cambodian, she will be working among her own people with a full understanding of their religious beliefs and customs. Nevertheless, as a woman she faces some hurdles in being accepted as a leader. Unfortunately, in Cambodia women are tasked with much responsibility and little authority. We are confident of her abilities and the mandate God has given her to reach her own people. As is common in her country, even as a single woman Rose has sole responsibility for raising two of her sisters and a young nephew. Instead of complaining, she praises God that she has been given the opportunity of bringing these kids up to know Jesus! Rose will be hiring and managing local staff, directing our work with the state orphanage children, coordinating activities for our Cambodia trips, handling government reporting requirements for our NGO and acting as liaison and coordinator for our outreaches into villages in Battambang and other provinces.

We are grateful for Rose’s God-given talents and her heart to share His love with her people.

Harmony Newsadmin