Rodney Gets His Blender


In the February 2010 edition of our newsletter we reported on Rodney and Jacqui Moore’s adoption of Jessica—the third child the Moores had adopted from us. In that newsletter I wrote, “I personally suspect that one reason the Moores keep adopting from Harmony is because I once told Rodney that we have an exciting incentive program at Harmony Outreach, and any family who adopts from us four times gets an exciting gift. Only one more adoption to go, Rodney, and your blender is in the bag!” Well, recently the Moores adopted Jensinne—their FOURTH child from us! True to my word, Linda and Harlan were on hand in San Francisco to present Rodney with his brand new blender! What a great reunion that was with four children who used to belong to us and are now all adoptive sisters in the Moore family. I love it! I do hope that no one will misunderstand my motives when I mentioned to Rodney, in passing, that if you think our blender incentive was cool, we have an absolutely sick gift for any family who adopts five children from us….