Remembering Mercy


It is with sadness I report that little Mercy, the youngest child in our Ethiopia sponsorship program, has died in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Mercy had contracted meningitis in her early childhood, leaving her blind and mostly deaf.  Her death was the result of ongoing complications related to her disease. When I was last in Ethiopia, I asked how Mercy had contracted meningitis.  I learned that neither she nor any of the orphans at HOH had been immunized against the diseases which threaten East Africa.  As a result of that conversation Harmony paid to have all the HOH children receive every vaccine available in Ethiopia.  Additionally, we began providing the funds needed so HOH could add a full-time nurse to their staff, serving over 250 children.  While we were powerless to roll back time and remove meningitis from Mercy’s life, in her honor we could make sure that the other children at HOH were protected.

Mercy’s life, her disease, and her death provide evidence that it isn’t always given to us to succeed in saving every child’s life.  But it is always given to us to care, to protect, and to love.  Our deepest gratitude—and the gratitude of Daniel Fantaye and Hanna Teshome—goes out to all of you who sponsored Mercy, or have prayed for or supported the work of Hanna Orphans’ Home in Ethiopia.

By:  John Bentley

Harmony Newsadmin