Prayers Please

RATHA: After being in China for over a month, undergoing a battery of tests at two different hospitals, and weathering several illnesses, Ratha is finally scheduled for heart surgery next week.  FuWai Hospital declined to perform the surgery because Ratha was discovered to have significant kidney problems—and FuWai specializes only in heart surgeries. Beida University (the Harvard of China) has agreed to perform surgery following their Dragon Boat Festival which ends Sunday.  There is no doubt that this surgery is risky, particularly with the kidney complications, but without it Ratha is on borrowed time. So we ask your directed prayers for him next week. We have done all we could to get him the best doctors, but now we need your help in invoking the power and protection of the Great Physician.


BABY FRANK: In our March 3 E-blast we asked you to pray for little Frank, a preemie with a life-threatening medical condition wherein too-soft throat cartilage allows blockage of his air passage, requiring a ventilator to breathe. Doctors in both China and America report that surgery is not a viable option for him at this time. After conferring among ourselves and with his originating orphanage, the decision has been made to bring Frank home to Harmony House. It breaks our heart that this little guy has languished in hospital beds nearly his entire life without being regularly held and loved to the degree that all babies need. We have, therefore, instructed Lily to bring him home and assign one nanny to him full time, praying for him and giving him that human touch and love that has been mostly missing from his life.  Lily has found a breathing machine and will be bringing him home as soon as possible.  While we know he has always been in God’s hands, we have done everything humanly possible to save him.  Now we are giving him entirely into God’s hands. It is not always given to us to save lives of the children who come into our care, but it is always given to us to love and to comfort. Please join us in praying that God will strengthen him and preserve him, allowing his body additional time to possibly outgrow this problem.


ELLIS: Yesterday Ellis, formerly Nelson who was adopted from us last November, underwent major surgery for tethered cord syndrome and other spinal-cord issues.  We thank God for a wonderful report this morning that surgery successfully corrected Ellis’s issues! Please pray for his quick recovery and that no fluid buildup ensues that might require a second surgery.

GIA & KRISTIN: With JOY we report that Gia & Kristin, who underwent major heart surgeries in the last several months and whom many of you prayed for, are both doing GREAT!

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