Pastor Markus Praises God!

Related to our recent financial struggles, we wanted to share with you an email from Pastor Markus in Cambodia.  We had notified him that we are unable to support them as we had promised because our support has dropped so much. But then in a staff prayer meeting this week, we all felt led to reinstate their support in faith that God will provide.  Here is pastor Markus’ touching response:

Hi everyone,

As I read this email, my tear falling I cannot stop it.

I feel so blessed and honored and also so proud of you all,

I also encouraged by your boldness to trust God.

I believe God will continue showing His faithful provision for what He has started, first in our heart than we respond to His voice to obey and faithful to do it.

I express my gratitude and thanks to Harmony Outreach for helping me and Elly in the ministry here in Cambodia.

Our God is Jehovah Jireh.

Markus and Elly

Charles Borchard