Our Boys Giving Back


Rescuing young men "from" an uncertain future when they become emancipated is not enough. They need rescuing “to” something better. Our four boys, led by the young Chin family who oversee them at our Boys’ Home, are shown here doing community service work—teaching, playing with and encouraging children who also need a helping hand. We seek not only to give these boys a home, food and an education, but to be sure they are encouraged and given opportunities to themselves become blessings to their own people. You may think 4 young men can’t do much to change their country, but we know what 12 men did after they knew Jesus! We would love to have you praying for these teens—Cheatra, Khorn, Piseth and Vichantra—and also the Chins (far right) who have become their mentors. Cambodia needs godly young people to become leaders, and we are believing these young men will help shape their country’s future in many positive ways!

Harmony Newsadmin