Only 8 Months Left to Adopt Gary

Chinese name: Ling Guangpeng Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 7/12/1999

Special Needs: Severe hearing deficiency

Gary is now 13 years old, and he will time out of the system to be adopted when he reaches his 14th birthday on July 12, 2013.  Therefore, he needs a Forever Family as soon as possible.

Gary has had a tough life, most of it lived with no help for his serious hearing problems--and therefore no communication available to him.  When we first learned of Gary in October, 2011, we placed him in a school for the deaf.  Even at 12 years old, he was sadly lacking in social skills and was very fearful.  He never smiled, he hid from people and was afraid when he was examined at a hospital.

The little of his history we know is that he was born July 12, 1999, and was abandoned when he was a few months old. The lady who found him kept him until he was about 8 and then took him to an orphanage, but it was not equipped to deal with his hearing deficiencies.

Although Gary has received hearing aids, is much less fearful and now smiles much more, we just learned that he is still not speaking.  It seems he needs minor surgery on his tongue to assist in forming words, and when we learned that we decided to bring him to Harmony House.  Lily is now working to schedule that surgery.  She also has regular teaching for the hearing impaired arranged for Gary.

Children who "age out" of the system at 14 have few options--especially when they are already facing great odds.  We would love to give Gary new hope for his life which has been difficult and unfortunate thus far--in other words, a Forever Family!  The best-case scenario would be a family already well into their adoption process but not yet matched with a child.  Please contact us immediately if you are interested in adopting Gary.   Age requirements and possibly other rules may be waived for children in this category.  If you feel God is speaking to you about adopting Gary--regardless of your circumstances--please contact us.

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