OK, Team, We Need You Praying

Harmony’s Cambodia Director PK, meeting Lily and seeing the babies of Harmony House in China
Harmony’s Cambodia Director PK, meeting Lily and seeing the babies of Harmony House in China


As some of you may be aware, China’s new strongman leader is passing many laws to further consolidate his control over the country—including laws interfering with foreign NGOs—of which Harmony is one.  Recently new laws were enacted allowing the government broad powers to raid, harass, and hamper the work of foreign NGOs. This is a threat to our autonomy and possibly our existence in China.  We have faced many serious threats in the past, and our Deliverer always came to our rescue.  With this new and serious situation facing us, we recognize anew that we continue our work in China by the grace of God. Through prayer we ask you to help us invoke God’s deliverance once again!




Ratha—the young Cambodian with the life-threatening heart condition—is in Beijing and about to receive complex heart surgery. Many of you donated for his operation, and now we ask you to pray for a successful outcome as this surgery will take many hours. But imagine his joy when he recuperates and, for the first time in his life, has energy and can begin to live a normal life! He is determined to preach God’s Word and wants to see his fellow Cambodians experience the joy of living for Jesus!




Please remember to lift up little Toby in Ohio who has been such a behavioral challenge for his family.  One thing I love about Harmony is that we really do love and pray for each other—despite the fact that we may not even know each other.  So I hope you will ask the Holy Spirit to prompt you to pray for Toby and his parents, and also other adoptive families who need our intercession. Jesus is the calmer of storms, and we pray that he will calm the storm in Toby’s life.

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