New Looks for Kurt & Paul


We rejoice when our babies receive surgeries that literally change their lives! Just look at the difference in our sweet boys Kurt & Paul!Last fall a group in San Francisco gathered for two purposes: to celebrate Mark’s adoption (who had had his life saved the year before because of their fundraising efforts) and to raise funds for more of our children. Just prior to that time we had had some problems with CLP (cleft lip/palate) surgeries performed on some of our other children. This fundraiser was very successful, and as a result we were able to be very choosy about who did surgeries for Kurt and Paul.

Lily learned that a Beijing surgeon had pioneered a procedure to provide BOTH lip and palate repair at the same time. It took us some time to get appointments with her, but on April 11 and 12 she operated on our boys with the obviously beautiful results!

Our deepest appreciation for the partners in San Francisco who gave our boys such vastly different appearances and the opportunity to lead normal lives as they grow up!