My God Shall Supply All Your Needs


With eight projects in three countries you never know what kinds of needs will pop up. Solar Heaters for Kaifeng Deaf School –Last year KDS needed solar heaters to provide warm water for the 70+ deaf children in their care at their new compound. In February I arrived at KDS the day after they had been delivered and installed. Praise God and a huge thanks to the Niermans (from Houston) whose generosity will be felt every day in the form of warm—instead of freezing—showers!


Tuk Tuk for Water of Life Cambodia—My first trip to Cambodia was last October. Jeff Johnson and I arrived in Phnom Penh tired after nearly 17 hours of flying. Long (from Water of Life) was waiting for us at the airport. We loaded our luggage into WOL’s tuk tuk and headed for the guest house. A tuk tuk is three-wheeled vehicle, the common mode of transportation in Cambodia. WOL’s tuk tuk was in pretty sad shape and broke down THREE times on the way from the hotel to the guest house. Twice we were able to get it going again, but by the third breakdown it would not start and we had to catch a taxi to get to the guest house. Randy Fleming, WOL’s leader, told us they needed a new and bigger tuk tuk for their ministry. Thanks to Harmony supporters, we were able to fund that need. In March, they took delivery of their brand new, higher quality, and much larger tuk tuk. I asked Randy how many people it would seat. His answer was, “30 Cambodians or 12 Westerners!”

Water Filtration System for Catholic Orphanage of DaMing –The quality of water at the Catholic orphanage of DaMing is the worst I have ever seen. When you turn on the faucet, the water comes out black. It literally looks like coffee in a clear glass jar. Thanks to Harmony friend Mark Wei, the nuns and children of DaMing recently got a state-of-the-art, beautiful new water filtration system.

House for leader of the Underground Seminary –Part of my reason for being in China in February was to meet brother Tan (name changed), one of the leaders of the underground seminary Harmony supports in Shaanxi province.  Because the Public Security Bureau is actively tracking this seminary and its leaders—and discovered Harmony’s financial support for them—we have pulled info about this aspect of our work from our website.  During that meeting I asked Brother Tan if he had any urgent needs beyond our regular support.  He said he was embarrassed to ask but had an urgent personal need—that his family’s house is crumbling.  I have been to his house twice before and would describe it being more of a shelter than a house.  Three generations live in a structure that is the size of a one-car garage.  They have plastic tarp for a roof with bricks holding it down.

Bro. Tan uses most of his income, and has for years, to personally underwrite the support of dozens of graduates from the seminary who are now spreading the gospel in unreached Western China (Buddhist and Muslim areas).  Building him a new house will cost US$20,000 but we have already raised $14K.  Please pray for the remaining $6K needed to bless this beautiful family.  I am in awe of the faith of this man who works in coal mines and then donates most of his income to support underground pastors while three generations of his family live in a shelter!  I pray that Christians in the West will be touched to help provide his family a livable home.  Consider it God’s episode of "Extreme Makeover Home Edition."  Tax-deductible donations can be made to Harmony Outreach, with every cent being forwarded for this need. And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:19)