Make a Difference


People often wonder how they can make a difference in the world—what can they do that even matters?  Well, one answer is to bring joy to children in an orphanage!  That’s something close to the heart of God.  Psalm 68:5 says of Him:

Father to the fatherless, defender of widows—this is God, whose dwelling is holy.

After a church recently bought new mattresses for Children of Hope, one of our partners decided to purchase new bedding for them.  She paid for a new towel for each child as well as new sheets, a light blanket, and another unusual item—a body pillow!  It seems that in Cambodia people sleep with body pillows—in addition to their head pillow.  So our friend not only bought the normal set of linens but also the body pillow and an extra pillow case for it!  The kids’ glee is evident in the pictures, and our sincere thanks goes out to Noreen for her generosity.

Many of you are partnering with us in this ministry by sponsoring children.  If others are interested in sponsoring or in meeting some other need with a one-time gift, please contact us at

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