Love Came Down


At Christmas time Love takes center stage. We celebrate the fact that Love was born into our lost world, changing our lives forever. Jesus came to us as an infant, and He taught us the value of “becoming like little children” (Matt. 18:3). His love for children is reflected in our human hearts and is expressed in many ways, moving some to share that love by sponsoring orphans in faraway places, others to raise funds for surgeries, and still others to adopt some of those same orphans. Our “love story” this issue is about several such families.Love motivated the Moore family in the San Francisco area to adopt four of our little girls. Little Jensinne—the fourth—was adopted back in the summer and will spend her first Christmas with her new Forever Family. Jensinne is shown with her new family on page 2.

Love also motivated the Nieuwsma family in the San Francisco area to host a music concert nearly two years ago to pay for a serious heart surgery for baby Mark, a toddler in Harmony House. The Four Graces—Victoria, Alexandra, Sophia and Anastasia Nieuwsma (pictured)—and some of their friends helped raised over $7,000 for the surgery. Attending that concert and contributing to the surgery was a family who already had four kids. Nevertheless, the Lord moved on their hearts to begin the process of trying to adopt little Mark. Recently the Nieuwsmas hosted a second fundraiser concert for two more Harmony House babies, and little Mark was the featured guest—with his new family!

Every adoption has its own story, and we have told some of Josiah’s story in past issues! This amazing little boy kept watching other Harmony House children go to their Forever Families, and he began asking, “Where is my family?” He needed a very special family as he has deformed legs and his arms and hands hang useless at his sides. But he may have the biggest heart in the world, and he is such a smart and clever little guy! After much prayer, a family became interested in adopting Josiah. Some of their journey of faith was reported in the April-May, 2011, issue of our newsletter, and miracles were definitely part of their story. Josiah’s father even learned the Mandarin language to be able to communicate with his son! And now, after five years, we proudly announce that Josiah is at home in Blue Grass, Iowa, and will spend his very first Christmas with his Forever Family!

Harmony NewsCharles Borchard