Little Bundles of Joy

It is said that gifts come in all sizes and shapes. Three new “gifts” that came to us recently were in the shape of babies! And these have a common bond in that they came to Harmony House by bullet train from Zhengzhou in the arms of some of the team members visiting China on our first hosted trip there.

DOUG was a preemie, and when he came to Harmony House in October he was still well under normal birth weight—even though he was nearly three months old! Although he has spent some time in the hospital, Lily reports that he is gaining weight now and is getting accustomed to his new life at Harmony House. Doug was named for our friend and board member, Doug MacRae.

CHRISTIAN is a spunky little guy with a determined look in his eye. He was abandoned in August and came to us in October. He has ASD—a small hole in his heart—which we will monitor. Doctors think he will outgrow this problem, and as determined as he looks, we agree with them! Christian was named for our friend and partner Christian Eng of New York—one of those who helped bring him to Harmony House!

RYAN, our third new addition, is a handsome toddler who was found August 3—at nearly six months old. Lily says that she was drawn to little Ryan by his bright eyes and smile. Later Ryan captured the hearts of trip participants Mike & Suzanne Miller of the San Francisco area as they helped care for him on the returning bullet train. Suzanne was reminded of their grandson Ryan and began to call little Jiangao by that name. We agreed that the name was a fit, and so our little Ryan took the name of the Miller’s grandson Ryan.