Lily Needs Your Help

Careful with her funds—and always aware that Harmony headquarters operates on a thrifty budget—Lily has been reluctant to ask for funds for a vehicle.  She just emailed, however, that her 2006 Jinbei  minivan can no longer pass the emissions standards required to drive in Beijing.  She also told us that by November she won’t even be allowed to drive it in Langfang where Harmony House is located!

You can understand the dire position this puts Lily in as she can no longer pick up people and luggage at the airport, take multiple children/nannies to the doctor at the same time or transport walkers or wheelchairs the children may need. That’s not to mention just trying to purchase groceries/supplies for Harmony House or take the children on outings!

Because a lot of you know and appreciate Lily, and because of your understanding of the importance of her having a minivan, we felt it right and appropriate to share her need with you.  We believe whatever help you may be able to give—combined with others’ help—will supply her need.  (2 Cor 8:14,15)

We anticipate her need to be about U.S. $15,000.  Attached is a picture of a possible replacement van.  When funds have been received, she will choose a replacement van and we will post the picture of the actual van.

You may give toward this need by using the DONATE button on our website, by calling our office to donate by credit card, or mail your gift.

Lily will be amazed and most grateful—as will we!