Let's Rescue Ethiopian Children From Prison


Yes, children are literally imprisoned, and God has shown us how to rescue them! In Ethiopia, when mothers receive a prison sentence, their young children must either join them in prison or become homeless. The government recognizes the perils of putting these children in with 20-30 felons, and they have asked for our help. Hanna Orphan’s Home is partnering with us to manage and care for these children. What we need immediately is the sum of $5,500 to rent a house, pay the upfront costs and furnish it. In the meeting with prison officials (see picture), we were assured that several children—average age 5—would be released to us as soon as we could provide for them. They anticipate, depending on the numbers of female prisoners with children, that we will be housing from 5-12 children on a regular basis.

Until we have custody of them, we were not allowed to take pictures of the children. They do not go to school, nor do they have toys or anything to occupy them in the prison. John was moved to tears when a child in the group brought to meet them saw a globe in the office and asked, “Could I play with that ball?” Let’s rescue them, give them homes and get them into school!

Needs Metadmin