Latest news about baby Lily/Gia's progress


gia_latest_news2From Gia’s Mom’s blog on November 19: "Gianna is holding well and progressing beautifully! THANK YOU, JESUS!

One concern is that her white count is up and she had slight fever last night, so they sent out some cultures to check for infection. So the plans for today for our strong girl are a little more radical. After a few days in a holding pattern, they are raising her goals. I am a bit nervous but SO excited too.

  • They will cut her morphine drip in half, allowing her more waking time.
  • They will try some ventilator sprints to exercise lungs and cut back on the machine a bit if she seems ready.
  • They will increase her diuretics to lower retention of fluids.

Please continue praying that all goes well, and her heart agrees with moving forward! Gianna is a fighter and I see her battling so hard!!! I can't wait to be able to scoop her up and hold her again. sigh...." Hope you are having a great & blessed day!

Harmony Newsadmin