Lance Fundraiser Great Success


Here’s to you, Partners! You have the greatest hearts in the world! Our single mom Kathleen who is adopting Lance can now set aside any concerns she has about funding this adoption and instead begin preparing for Lance’s arrival! No more doubting her sanity at thinking she could raise such a sum of money. No more holding up filing a document until she has the money. No more waiting for anything related to funding! YOU, dear Partners, have met the need!!

Here are Kathleen’s own words of thanks from an email:

I just want to thank you again for the great news! It is really amazing to go from being very far from my goal to now having the end in sight. That large number doesn’t look so large anymore. My devotion this morning was about God fighting our battles, just as you told me in an e-mail when I was worried about the finances. Amazing how God works, and faster than I had expected. Thank you so much for putting the need out there. I have never heard of anyone who has adopted internationally being helped in this way. I am so happy to be working with Harmony Outreach. This ministry is amazing, and I am so glad to join the Harmony family as Lance joins ours! —Kathleen

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