Kirsten is Home


kristen_home2Over her lifetime, our sweet little Kirsten has been hospitalized in Beijing several times because of heart arrhythmia. After the most recent bout and hospitalization, she was sent to Shanghai to their Children's Center. Following several days of tests, they diagnosed Pulmonary Stenosis and told us she will need several surgeries. They performed the first surgery last week—inserting what Lily called a "bracket." (We assumed that meant what we call a "stent" here in the U.S. It's much more difficult to get medical information there.) Regardless, we're so happy to report that Kirsten came home yesterday! From the sad little girl in the hospital in the first picture, you can see her joy at returning home! We thank God for bringing her through this surgery, and you for your prayers!!

Of course expenses of her treatment and out-of-town stay have piled up. If you would like to help, we would appreciate any donations.

Harmony Newsadmin