Kirsten and Billy Surgery Needs


As of January 5, 2014, the full need of $10,500 was met! Thank you, Partners, for your generosity and tender hearts.

Original Post:  We need help! Lily just sent us one of those “Oh Boy!” emails advising us that we need to wire her $10,500 (beyond her normal budget) for recent medical expenses related to Kirsten and Billy. Little Kirsten had to be hospitalized because of her broken heart, which we are trying to fix. While in the hospital we also provided her surgery to fix her wrist. And tiny-tot Billy had surgery to repair his cleft-lip.

These are expenses outside our budget and represent a need that we are calling on the King to help us with. If you would like to be the healing hands of Jesus to these sweethearts and can help us with these expenses, please contact us at (877) 244-6270, or click on our Donate page for payment options. Whether or not you can help with these expenses, please pray that God will supply the manna we need—today.

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