Khim Says Thank You


We joyfully report that Khim, the young Cambodian lady with a serious eye problem, has had successful surgery. Here is her heartfelt letter of thanks:

My name Khim, I am 27 years old I am married with 4 children. I and my family had a hard time living these days, because I have no land no house, my life always keep moving from place to place for living, my children do not get proper education, I did not get a better treatment for my eye because of the poverty and moving. I thank God for the church in my village knew of the hardship I had, the church leaders always come to visit me and my family and offered me the food, clothes and send me for medical treatment. Now my eye has been removed and the pain is getting better. I am back home now staying with my children. The leaders of the church always come to visit me and pray for me. That is encouraging me when I see the world do not care for me but the church pray for me, help me and care for me. I and my family accepted Christ as my savior since last week and we are attending the church every Sunday to learn more from Jesus. Thank you for praying for me, for God healing my eye and provided me food, clothes and treatment to my family. I am very happy and continue to follow Jesus in my whole life. Thank you.


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