It’s a Wonderful Life


God continues to amaze us at what He accomplishes when we work together! 2011 has come and gone. While in the midst of busy days that may not of themselves appear momentous, we don’t always stop to tally results. But when we look at Harmony’s year-end fruit report, we are awestruck at His goodness! What can be reported in numbers, of course, doesn’t begin to tell the stories behind those numbers. Who can comprehend the life changes for even one of the 16 orphans adopted from Harmony House last year? What changes will the world will record because of the 20 orphans who came out of a cold, institutional system into our care? How can the result be measured in the life of even one of the 10 who received surgeries last year? Overriding all of these specific provisions is that the children’s lives have been changed so that—instead of dying or facing a life with no hope—God’s plans can now be unfolded for them.

Other 2011 milestones included opening a work in Ethiopia where we underwrite the expenses of three group orphan homes and a full-time nurse for all 250 orphans in a ministry called Hannah’s Orphan Homes. John spoke at 22 different churches all over the U.S. and Canada and had radio interviews with Moody Radio in Chicago and with Pastor Scott Galatin on WZKV serving Upstate New York.

Playgrounds were installed at both Harmony House in China and at the compound in Hannah’s Orphan Homes in Ethiopia. Our first hosted team trip to China happened in October. In the same month a benefit concert in San Francisco, hosted by our partners Dave & Jan Nieuwsma, raised over $7,000 to provide surgeries and hospitalization costs for Harmony House’s little guys Paul and Kurt.

Many other partners (and many children) participated in fundraisers, provided medicines and supplies, blankets and warm hats, and several groups visited and worked at Harmony House providing gifts and many services from organizing supplies to physical therapy training for our nannies.

DaMing Orphanage received funds to replace their antiquated heating system as well as replacement windows so they are able to have a warm winter. Kaifeng Deaf School was provided funds to add solar heaters so that the children could have warm showers. Twelve pastors were provided sponsorships to attend the seminary we support in China. Fruit from this investment will multiply in three ways—in the lives of the pastors and their families, in the lives of those who donated the funds, and especially in the multiplication of souls brought into the Kingdom. We are all living proof of the amazing changes twelve men—under God’s anointing—once brought to the world!

A major 2011 milestone was the launch of our new work in Cambodia through our partnership with Water of Life (WOL) ministries. We are grateful that God has brought our ministries together, and we look forward to closer relationships and partnering in ministries where we will be sponsoring a Cambodian orphanage, providing assistance to vulnerable women, and providing surgeries to some of Cambodia’s poorest children. Our plans for later in 2012 also include establishing a school of ministry to help train Cambodian pastors. The fields are “white unto harvest,” and we want to be there helping bring in the hungry souls.

We give thanks to God that He allows us to participate in all these miracles He has wrought—and to our faithful partners who are always praying for us, sponsoring our children, sponsoring surgeries and adopting our babies! Without you none of these children would have such bright and beautiful futures. Jesus was speaking about you when He said in Matthew 18:3 “Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.”