Home for Christmas


home_for_xmasWe are truly grateful to be able to report that little Lily/Gianna was HOME FOR CHRISTMAS--in spite of having had three open-heart surgeries in about six weeks! Many miracles happened for her. Originally her parents were told her only hope was a heart transplant. Through several God-interventions, she became the patient of two doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital. It was not all smooth, obviously, since she had three surgeries instead of one. But the results far exceeded original expectations in that she was able to avoid transplant issues and keep her own heart to grow with her. The second surgery closed a hole that all diagnostic tools had missed earlier, and the third was to implant a pacemaker. Much praise has arisen to heaven because of the victories for Gianna! Gia is pictured with her siblings Christmas Day. There’s also a picture of her on her third birthday—January 9. Doesn’t she look healthy?

Harmony Newsadmin