Gotcha Day for Will

Yesterday, September 4, was Will’s special day—the day he became part of a family.  And what a family!  He joins four brothers and three sisters in Houston, TX.  And of course Houston suffered major flooding last week because of Hurricane Harvey.  Will’s family had mobilized an amazing prayer team to request God’s help to get them through all the issues in time to meet their adoption schedule—which included flying out of Houston Thursday night.  After being evacuated from their house for several days, they learned shortly before their flight that, although the water had risen to within a few inches of their door, it stopped there and had begun to subside before entering their house.  In addition, they were re-routed out of Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport, so they made their flight and were there for Gotcha Day!  They—and their many prayer partners—are truly grateful to God for the miracles He performed to help them through these challenges. And they thank God for allowing them to adopt Will for whom they had been praying for several months.  And Will—well, you can see the joy on his little face!

Harmony NewsFrank Sandoval