"From the Lord comes deliverance" (Psalm 3:8)


And how we praise our Deliverer! Through you, our faithful partners, ALL the monthly support needed to maintain our sponsorship of the orphans at Sodo House in Ethiopia has come in! You will recall that, just at the time we were facing increased monthly expenditures for two new projects in Cambodia last month, a church that had been sponsoring the orphans at Sodo House wrote that they must discontinue their $1,000/month support.

Having no peace about discontinuing ANY of the projects God had placed before us, we called out to Him for help and direction—and turned to you. As John said to you in his email, we not only want to keep you informed of our struggles, but we want it to become an encouragement to you who stand on the battlefield with us as we together witness God’s mighty deliverance.

Doubtless some of you thought, “Against such need, what can I do?” Nothing is too small!  A lot of the shortfall of $1,000/month came in small monthly increases of partner support.  But together, you got the job done!

In addition to taking care of the Sodo orphans, you also provided needed help for Esther’s House in Cambodia where girls are being cared for who have been rescued from—or are at risk for—sex trafficking; our Learn2Work center in Phnom Penh reaching out to University students with both life skills and the Gospel; and administrative assistance here at our headquarters. So be encouraged—as you have encouraged us! Jesus Himself tells us in Luke 18:27:

“What is impossible with man is possible with God.”


Linda Huckaba

Needs Metadmin