From Africa to Asia

We love how our work on one continent is now impacting another continent! Merima, who has been making our dolls in Ethiopia, is now in Cambodia!  She is on a three-month assignment, teaching her sewing skills to the girls of Esther’s House.  When girls are rescued from trafficking, or its risk, they must learn a skill to able to support themselves.  

What a win-win situation this is becoming, since we are helping the girls learn a trade but are also purchasing the dolls they make to give to folks who sponsor our children!  Once the girls get proficient at doll-making, of course, they will also be able to support themselves by selling these hand-made dolls—and other items they sew—in the marketplace in Cambodia.
Thank you, Partners, for helping us not only to spread the Word but also to help the vulnerable in both Ethiopia and Cambodia!  Through this project God is getting glory in several ways:

  • Merima has become a missionary to Ethiopia, sharing His love and using her God-given ability to help these Cambodian girls who are at risk of or have been trafficked
  • The rescued girls are learning a skill to help them to a secure future
  • We receive the dolls we need to help us raise support for the vulnerable in both China and Ethiopia
“If you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded.”
(Matt 10:42 – NLT)
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