Four More Harmony Children Adopted!


Wesley was one of our last adoptions in 2011. He was adopted by a family in Finland and was renamed Aapo. His mother tells us he is adapting quickly and is learning the Finnish language. Wesley’s Gotcha Day was November 28, 2011. Dena’s family celebrated her Gotcha Day December 5, and she is now at home in Illinois with parents who are involved with Christian publishing and training young people in Christian ministry. Dena’s name was changed to Emma.

Two other adoptions we failed to publish in 2011 were Jensinne and Lori. Beautiful Jensinne was pictured in our Christmas issue with her parents, the Moores, along with her three sisters adopted through us. Her Gotcha Day was June 5, 2011. Our sweet little Lori joined her Forever Family February 23. Lori’s family lives in Sikeston, Missouri, and some of her first words may include “Hi, y’all!”