Dody Has a Family


Sometimes we learn in unusual ways that one of our children has a Forever Family. Such was the case with Dody. About a month ago when we mentioned on our website and Facebook that she and two other children were not yet matched, her father emailed right away to let us know she already has a family! Needless to say, we were delighted! And now for more of the story: The Peters family is working hard to raise adoption funds and held a garage sale this past weekend. I had to share one of the lines from their blog—addressed to Dody (soon to be Abigail) herself:

“My Dearest Abigail, I had to sit down and write to tell you some really special things that happened today. We just finished up our biggest fundraising to date for our trip to China to bring you home. I wish you could have been here to see it. You would have seen how many people love you already—and not just your family!”

Abigail’s Mommy writes much more about the hearts of the beautiful people who helped. You can read about their journey at

Every adoption is its own special story, and every adoption we know about is full of God’s miraculous provision! Adopting a special needs child from China carries a price tag of about $35,000. Just that fact alone tells you volumes about families who adopt—and about the miracles it takes!

We are in awe of each such family and love hearing their stories. But we also want to help in any way we can. If you are touched to help fund Abigail’s adoption, feel free to send donations either through their blog page or to Harmony Outreach, marked “Dody’s Adoption.”

Harmony Newsadmin