Check out Harmony Outreach's Newsletter Archives!

by Charles A. Borchard

I have been working on a very special project for over a month and a half, and I am proud to announce that it is finally finished!  All of Harmony Outreach's Newsletters since the dawn of time have been digitized, organized, and are now kept on  Searching, scanning, saving, loading, filing...  by the end of all this I thought I saw a robotic change in Linda-Mac, as if she was developing cyborgism from all of her interactions with the scanner!

In truth, this project has been a blessing.  I have been given a look into Harmony's history and all the wonderful people who've been impacted for the Lord by this ministry.  We have been truly blessed as a family.

I encourage you to check out our efforts here.

You can also access these files by going to our homepage, scrolling all the way down, and clicking on link that says, "Newsletter Archives." You might even find an "Easter Egg" ;)


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