Cambodia Here We Come


On Monday, September 10, a group of 10 men and 7 women depart from New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, all bound for Phnom Penh for 10 days to minister to the beautiful Khmer people. We will work with Children of Hope Home, Water of Life Girls’ Home for vulnerable women and Cambodian pastors who want to increase their understanding of the Word. There will be witnessing in a slum area and ministry to indigenous Christians in a church setting, as well as trips to see some of Cambodia’s cultural and historical sites. It’s always fun to think about the items our luggage contain—most requested by those we are visiting. This time—in addition to lots of children’s backpacks filled with goodies for their VBS, we are carrying Rainbow sandals, a set of 3 Christian books that must weigh 30 pounds, cheese snacks, vacuum sealed jerky of various types and a set of whiffle balls and bat.

Please pray for us—and join us on our next scheduled trip January 14-24, 2013!

Harmony Newsadmin