Buddhist Background University Student Baptized!

Keo Odam stands as the last person in line.

Keo Odam stands as the last person in line.

by Charles A. Borchard

Just recently, one of the very first students to receive the gift of faith due to the efforts of the Learn2Work Center (L2W) was baptized.  Keo Odam’s story with us starts with the prayers of Harmony Staff.  As soon as he was enrolled at L2W is when our prayer warriors went into action.  Over time, Odam began to shore more interest the things of Christ such as attending church and paying attention to Bible lessons until one fateful day when he crossed over from death to life.  Since then, he has been quite the evangelist!  Thanks to his efforts several other young Buddhist Background university students have enrolled at L2W, and have since made decisions to accept Christ as their savior.  Just before being dipped below water Odam publicly declared the powerful lyric, “I have decided to follow Jesus.  The world behind me, the cross before me.  No turning back!  No turning back!”

We are so excited and proud of you, Keo Odam!

If you want to meet Keo Odam, and other at the L2W Center, then come along for a mission trip of a lifetime this November in which we will minister in Cambodia.  Give our office a call (951-600-4474) for more information, and check out our mission trip page.