All God’s Children Group Blesses Harmony House


children_bless2 Groups from different organizations visit Harmony House to spend time with our children and to provide assistance to Lily. Recently a group came from the ministry All God’sChildren—who visit us regularly—and they overwhelmed us with their gifts and hard work! As with most of us, things can accumulate quickly in the garage at Harmony House. It’s a favorite chore to assign when groups want to help out.


But this group was amazing! They not only organized the garage, but they brought about Lily’s desire to have a “classroom” in the garage, moving in tables and chairs and helping arrange them for maximum benefit. Not only does this give additional space for play and teaching the children, it also means the nannies have a place for their weekly Bible study with Pastor Song—a beautiful Christian man that we are beginning to assist.

This AGC group also brought our children new toothbrushes and toothpaste, and one of them taught the children how best to brush their little teeth—and taught the nannies how to assist the children to do it for the greatest benefit. And of course the visit included a trip to KFC—the older children’s favorite place to eat!

Harmony Newsadmin