A Personal Thank You from Ratha

There are times in each of our lives when—although we had no doubt God was leading in a certain direction—the results weren’t as we expected.   Our Aug-Sep newsletter—which you will be receiving any day now—contains an article explaining that Ratha had to return home to Cambodia without having the surgery in China that was expected to save his life.

Just today we received the below letter from Ratha, and suddenly we begin to see glimpses of how God is working His plans through this situation!  We believe this letter will encourage you, so we are printing it just as we received it—misspellings and all.  Praise God for His provision and His work in so many hearts!

“I was very regret that four hospitals in China had rejected to do my heart surgery. However I thank God for his blessings while I was there. Even I dont get better from my discease I still have joy knowing that there are many believers care and pray for me even though they did not know me personally. I treat this as the Grace of God.
Through this, my family are getting to know the Love of God, especially my dad, he have decided to serve God and my sister want to study in bible school where I have been studying now. Also my cusin turned her faith to Jesus through testimony and the love of many people around me, especially teacher Pheakdey's family; Cambodia country director.
These story go together to make some of my family's members and relatives get the salvation from God and it makes my life's jurney longing to serve and walk with Him all the days of my life. My physical health going weaker somedays but I still want to see His fruits which come out of my life more and more. ‘I can do all things through Christ who strenthen me (Phillipians 4:13)’”

To all of you who were involved in helping Ratha, we send our deepest thanks! 

Love & blessings,
Linda Huckaba