New home for the Pied Piper of Thleuk Village

Chanthorn Vuthy has a new home!  Her gratefulness is clearly evident in the picture at right.  

Chanthorn is the remarkable Christian woman who—in spite of her very difficult life being a single mom from a poor village with family who don’t care about her—has still made it her life purpose to teach children about Jesus!    

Four years ago Chanthorn gave her life to Christ—a very unusual thing in her village.  It didn’t take long for her to begin bearing fruit in her walk with the Lord.  She started by inviting the young village children to come to her humble home where she would love and share Jesus with them.  Already a number of the children have received Christ and are exhibiting remarkably improved behavior—something that has been noticed by the entire village.  This sweet woman is a blessing, a fruitful servant of Jesus, and a light in her village.

But she lived in a hovel desperately in need of repair and improvements.  Unable to make her home secure, she was constantly being robbed of the smallest possessions she owned.  Without her knowledge, we presented this need to you, our partners, and are so grateful to report that Chanthorn now has a new home!  

Thank you, Team Harmony, for putting your arms around Chanthorn and showing her the love of Jesus by providing a better home for her and her daughter!  


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