Students at the Ready

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by Charles A. Borchard

The normal program for Dr. Eyasu’s evangelism ministry to Muslims is a busy one.  He is regularly going to and fro from Addis Ababa to Sodo training and discipling classes of new believers who operate as evangelists in their own communities.

It must be one of the most rewarding feelings to be encountered with a class of students who cannot get enough of gospel conversation.  Dr. Eyasu sent me an email this week saying, “One of our three coordinators trained on Muslim evangelism and I trained on cross-cultural communication.  They were actively participating and the discussion was so hot.”

This quote is multi-tiered.  First, the recently appointed Evangelist, who we wrote about in an e-blast, has fully recovered from the attack and has advanced in skill and experience so that he now teaches courses to the new students.  Second, the students are absolutely chomping at the bit at the teaching of Dr. Eyasu—praise the Lord!  Third, we had the chance to read a brief statement from one student in particular who says, “I learned how to communicate the unchanging message of the Bible in the changing culture and how to communicate it effectively without compromising the everlasting message.”

Amen!  This is exactly what we are here for, To Spread the Knowledge of Jesus.”

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