11.26.14 Update on baby Lily/Gia


Our little Lily/Gia was taken back to surgery on Monday—for a second heart surgery of 6 hours. There they found another hole that had not earlier been detected. So two holes are now closed (ASD & VSD). They also replaced the faulty mitral valve—all successfully. A temporary pacemaker was installed, but the hope is that it truly is temporary and can come out in a week or so as her electrical system recovers and begins to beat in sinus rhythm. This morning her mom wrote that Gianna’s theme is “slowly but surely.” Her numbers are looking great, and her left ventricle is performing efficiently for the first time in her life! She feels things are moving in a positive direction, for which we are all very thankful!

Thank you for continuing to cover her in prayers of healing.

Harmony Newsadmin