Little Cass is Home

September 18, 2017, is the day little Cass met her family for the first time—on her Gotcha Day.  Her name became Jovie, and she joined a family who had previously adopted Max—one of our earliest children—from Harmony House.  Cass was one of the children recalled to Guangdong Province in March, so her journey was from that state orphanage to a wonderful home in Arlington, Texas, where her dad is a pastor.  We thank God for making the huge change from Cass-the-orphan to Jovie-the-daughter!

Lily's New Van

God provided!  Harmony House manager Lily is driving her new Jin Bei 9-passenger van paid for by our generous partners.  We thank God for all of you who came to our rescue. 

Kids celebrating new van in front of Harmony House

Kids celebrating new van in front of Harmony House

God’s methods of provision can be amazing.  ONE MAN raised nearly half the $15,000 need!  How?  He ran the Ironman Race in Lake Placid, NY, asking friends to sponsor him.  He personally matched the amount of those donations and then asked his employer to match the combined funds, thereby providing $7,052.24 toward Lily’s van.  Thank you, Wei! Thank you also Ohlsons and Lennards—and everyone who helped meet this need!

Gotcha Day for Will

Yesterday, September 4, was Will’s special day—the day he became part of a family.  And what a family!  He joins four brothers and three sisters in Houston, TX.  And of course Houston suffered major flooding last week because of Hurricane Harvey.  Will’s family had mobilized an amazing prayer team to request God’s help to get them through all the issues in time to meet their adoption schedule—which included flying out of Houston Thursday night.  After being evacuated from their house for several days, they learned shortly before their flight that, although the water had risen to within a few inches of their door, it stopped there and had begun to subside before entering their house.  In addition, they were re-routed out of Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport, so they made their flight and were there for Gotcha Day!  They—and their many prayer partners—are truly grateful to God for the miracles He performed to help them through these challenges. And they thank God for allowing them to adopt Will for whom they had been praying for several months.  And Will—well, you can see the joy on his little face!

Students are Coming to Jesus in Cambodia

Keo Odam Edited.jpg

Pictured is Keo Odam, our new brother in Christ who was recently converted from Buddhism to Christianity at our Learn2Work Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  Odam had a very tough life as one of several children born into poverty following the devastation brought about by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.  Despite the family often going hungry and Odam frequently having to live apart from his parents, his father always encouraged him to continue his education.  Even during three years of regularly being ill, Odam persevered to finish high school.  Although he desired to go to college, knowing how desperately his family needed his wages, he was prepared to get a job.  Once again his father encouraged him.  Odam says, “I was kind of a cowboy” going to the big city of Phnom Penh from his remote province of Phea Vihea. He wanted to take extra classes to improve his English and computer skills, but those cost even more money—and he was barely eating.
Someone told Odam about our Learn2Work Center where the very classes he needed were offered FREE!  “I was so happy at that time!” Odam said.  At one of the free, weekly social events L2W calls Coffee Table Club, teacher Pheakdey (our Country Director) talked about a Savior, Jesus Christ, whose name Odam had never heard before.  He was also invited to church where he learned more about Jesus and gave his life to Him!  He says that as he is learning to pray and trust God, the hard situations in his life are getting resolved.  His current prayer is for an opportunity to go back to his hometown to share his newfound faith with his friends and family.
Please pray for Odam—and for so many others like him—to come to the Jesus whose name so many have never heard.

Calvary Chapel Team at Learn2Work Center

Four university students from California, Texas and Canada just completed several weeks in Phnom Penh working at Harmony’s L2W Center reaching Cambodian university students.  The reports we are receiving are very encouraging. The Cambodians have really bonded with them, and this friendship has opened the door for them to practice their English by studying the Gospel of Luke.

These Buddhist students have been introduced to the Word while studying at our L2W Center.  Through the friendships and further teaching of the Calvary Chapel students, many have been asking questions, growing deeper in their understanding and getting a glimpse into Christian community. Several have given their hearts to Jesus, are attending church in Phnom Penh, and are already actively sharing their faith with others.

Currently John is in Hanoi—together with Harmony board member Doug MacRae and his wife Sue—for two weeks of training with our Vietnamese partners.  Our work is expanding all over the world—from Cambodia to Ethiopia to Vietnam.  Praise the Lord!


God Provides for Muslim Outreach in Ethiopia

I will confess I was getting worried.  We wrote our Jun-Jul newsletter highlighting our plan and financial needs to evangelize Muslims in Ethiopia and then…nothing.  Weeks went by, and I was beginning to despair when a check came in from Abilene, TX, from someone who has never donated to Harmony before—funding the training of ALL 20 Muslim-background evangelists, building three churches, and making a deposit toward his SUV need!  Just-In-Time Jesus came through again, and there was rejoicing in California and Addis Ababa! 

You Rescued NINE Girls, Team Harmony!

In our March newsletter we did a big push for rescuing young girls from sex-exploitation in Cambodia.  The response was amazing and resulted in these nine sweethearts being rescued!

Their stories are unspeakable and not suitable for printing in our newsletter.  But we choose to focus on the good—that God did a Romans 8:28 intervention to cause what was intended for evil in their lives to be turned for good.  These girls are now safe at Esther’s House, being loved, attending church and learning about Jesus for the first time in their lives.

Praise the Lord!  

Lily Needs Your Help

Careful with her funds—and always aware that Harmony headquarters operates on a thrifty budget—Lily has been reluctant to ask for funds for a vehicle.  She just emailed, however, that her 2006 Jinbei  minivan can no longer pass the emissions standards required to drive in Beijing.  She also told us that by November she won’t even be allowed to drive it in Langfang where Harmony House is located!

You can understand the dire position this puts Lily in as she can no longer pick up people and luggage at the airport, take multiple children/nannies to the doctor at the same time or transport walkers or wheelchairs the children may need. That’s not to mention just trying to purchase groceries/supplies for Harmony House or take the children on outings!

Because a lot of you know and appreciate Lily, and because of your understanding of the importance of her having a minivan, we felt it right and appropriate to share her need with you.  We believe whatever help you may be able to give—combined with others’ help—will supply her need.  (2 Cor 8:14,15)

We anticipate her need to be about U.S. $15,000.  Attached is a picture of a possible replacement van.  When funds have been received, she will choose a replacement van and we will post the picture of the actual van.

You may give toward this need by using the DONATE button on our website, by calling our office to donate by credit card, or mail your gift.

Lily will be amazed and most grateful—as will we!

Seven New Girls Rescued

Due to the massive response to the “Breaking the Fangs of the Wicked” article in our March newsletter, seven more girls have now been rescued from trafficking in Cambodia!  Some of their stories are tragic, but we are grateful that those stories represent the girls’ past lives!  We thank God that they now have a hope and a future because they are part of Esther’s House? We are still awaiting pictures and their full stories.  The picture shown was taken when Harmony sponsored the Esther’s House girls’ first ever visit to the local water park.

New home for the Pied Piper of Thleuk Village

Chanthorn Vuthy has a new home!  Her gratefulness is clearly evident in the picture at right.  

Chanthorn is the remarkable Christian woman who—in spite of her very difficult life being a single mom from a poor village with family who don’t care about her—has still made it her life purpose to teach children about Jesus!    

Four years ago Chanthorn gave her life to Christ—a very unusual thing in her village.  It didn’t take long for her to begin bearing fruit in her walk with the Lord.  She started by inviting the young village children to come to her humble home where she would love and share Jesus with them.  Already a number of the children have received Christ and are exhibiting remarkably improved behavior—something that has been noticed by the entire village.  This sweet woman is a blessing, a fruitful servant of Jesus, and a light in her village.

But she lived in a hovel desperately in need of repair and improvements.  Unable to make her home secure, she was constantly being robbed of the smallest possessions she owned.  Without her knowledge, we presented this need to you, our partners, and are so grateful to report that Chanthorn now has a new home!  

Thank you, Team Harmony, for putting your arms around Chanthorn and showing her the love of Jesus by providing a better home for her and her daughter!  


Harmony’s Cambodia Mission Trip set for March 2-12, 2017


I want YOU on Harmony's March 2-12 Missions Adventure to CAMBODIA!

Please consider yourself warmly invited and strongly encouraged to join us March 2-12 for a Missions Adventure to Cambodia!   

The proposed itinerary:

  • Thursday Mar 2 - Depart US for Phnom Penh 
  • Friday Mar 3 - Arrive Phnom Penh late evening
  • Saturday Mar 4 - A.M.  Tour the Killing Fields and hear the story of Cambodia’s “auto-genocide” which took the lives of 20% of the population.  P.M. Outreach at Esther’s House:  Young girls rescued from sex-exploitation and now in a beautiful Christian home. 
  • Sunday Mar 5 - Travel two hours to Kandal Province where we will worship and do outreach at a village church.  Afterward, travel by boat to see the childhood home and meet family of Dalin Bentley.
  • Monday Mar 6 - Travel two hours by van to Kampong Chhnang Province for outreach and activities with the village children at the Christian school operated by Harmony partner Pastor Markus Dwintanta.
  • Tuesday Mar 7 - Fly 45 minutes to beautiful resort city Siem Reap.  Check into hotel.  Attend an evening cultural dinner and dance show highlighting traditional Khmer culture and cuisine.
  • Wednesday Mar 8 - Visit Angkor Wat, the beautiful Buddhist temple/city built in the 12th century—the largest religious monument in the world and a world heritage site.
  • Thursday March 9 - Visit historic Pub Street in Siem Reap for shopping, fish-foot massages, and restaurants featuring food from around the world.  Afternoon flight back to Phnom Penh.
  • Friday March 10 - University student outreach at Harmony’s popular Learn2Work Center.  Morning outreach at 10am, lunch, and afternoon outreach at 3pm.  After dinner we will take a one-hour cruise on the Tonle Sap River near the Royal Palace.
  • Saturday March 11 -Tour Royal Palace.  Last minute shopping, lunch, or foot massage at the historic Riverside area of Phnom Penh.  Late evening flight home.

[NOTE:  You gain a day when flying from Asia to the U.S. so your return flight home will arrive Saturday evening or Sunday morning.]  

Cost of trip is $1,500 + airfare and includes lodging, breakfast meals, trip medical insurance, and excursion to Siem Reap/Angkor Wat.

Click to see our Cambodia Brochure.

For information or to reserve your place with your $500 non-refundable deposit, contact Linda-Mac at or by phone at 951-600-4474. 

We look forward to having you join us!

John Bentley
Harmony Outreach